What is Stress

Stress can be understood as a situation in which the individual is physically or mentally overloaded, which can cause pain, tension, and physical injury, as well as emotional fatigue, tiredness, reduced productivity, and attention.

The substances that help control stress act on hormonal regulation (for example, cortisol), on the circadian cycle and promote physical and mental relaxation.

The Sleep Connection:

Ever had a night where you tossed and turned, replaying stressful events of the day? Chronic stress can lead to sleepless nights, and lack of sleep can exacerbate stress, creating a vicious cycle. Sleep is a natural stress-reliever, and consistently missing out on it can amplify our body's stress responses.

Supplements that can help improve Stress:

Backed by Science

Enhance your knowledge by exploring studies that establish the connection between the nutraceutical and each respective outcome.